Fruits Vegetables that Lower Blood Pressure and How They Do It

July 25th, 2010

Fruits Vegetables that Lower Blood Pressure and How They Do It

When speaking of fruits and vegetables that lower blood pressure it is important to understand a little about how blood pressure works.  Everyone knows that your blood pressure should not be high, and there is strong clinical evidence that shows that fruits and vegetables have a role in lowering blood pressure.  In this article we will discuss the specific fruits vegetables that lower blood pressure and how they do it.

Researchers and clinical practitioners use a simple formula to determine blood pressure: Blood Pressure equals Heart Rate times Total Peripheral Resistance.  Basically, your blood pressure is a function of how well it contracts to pump blood, and how hard it must push to get the blood to flow through blood vessels to all parts of your body.

Imagine a large balloon filled with water at the beginning of a garden hose.  The balloon is your heart, and the garden hose is your blood vessel.  If the garden hose is open without kinks, the contracting pressure of the balloon does not need to be great to push water through the hose.  However, is the garden hose is kinked or blocked in anyway; the balloon will need to exert more pressure to force out the same amount of water.  In this way, the pressure out of the hose is dependent on how well and how fast the balloon contracts (this is Heart Rate) and how little resistance there is in the hose this is Total Peripheral Resistance).

Some fruits vegetables that lower blood pressure act on the Heart Rate with its ability to contract; and some fruits vegetables that lower blood pressure act on Total Peripheral Resistance.  The trick to balance is knowing which fruits and vegetable work best for what part of the blood pressure formula.

The Key is in the vitamins contained within the fruits vegetables that lower blood pressure.  Simply choose the fruits and vegetables that are highest in those vitamins.

In general:

Vitamin D:
helps to have a positive effect on overall blood pressure.  Studies show that individuals with deficiencies with vitamin D have a strong tendency towards higher blood pressure.

  • Mushrooms

Vitamin B3 (niacin):
helps to have a positive effect on Heart Rate and by helping to reduce stress

  • Avocado; Artichoke; Dates; Corn

Vitamin A and E:
help to have a positive effect on Total Peripheral Resistance by helping to decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) plaques that stick to blood vessel walls and narrow or even block them.

  • (Vitamin E) Butternut squash; Avocado; Blueberries
  • (Vitamin A) Cantaloupe; Grapefruit; Amaranth leaves; Bok Choy; Broccoli; Butternut squash; Carrots; Spinach

Vitamin C:
helps to have a positive effect on Total Peripheral Resistance through its antioxidant effect in preserving blood vessel walls and helping to increase HDL (good cholesterol).

  • Broccoli; Blackcurrants; Grapefruit; Guava

If you are interested in more information regarding fruits, vegetables and blood pressue, speak with an expert in wellness education now.

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Diet Pills and Wellness

July 16th, 2010

Is Alli the ultimate diet pill?  Does it work?

Alli is an over-the-counter medication for overweight adults 18 years and older.  Alli is the reduced-strength version of Orlistat (Xenical), a prescription drug used to treat obesity. 

Alli works by promoting weight loss by decreasing absorption of fat by the intestines, which reduces the number of calories you absorb.

Alli works by halting lipase, which prevents the enzyme from breaking down the fat in your digestive tract. The undigested fat continues through the intestines and is eliminated through bowel movements.

Alli is taken with fat-containing meals, up to three times a day.  Because of how Alli works you should not eat more than 15 grams of fat with each meal. Eating greater amounts of fat can cause unwanted side effects, such as urgent bowel movements, diarrhea and gas with oily spotting.

The average weight loss for a prescription of Xenical is about 5 to 7 pounds greater than diet and exercise alone after one year. So with Alli you could lose an average of 3 to 5 pounds in a year in addition to the approximately 8 pounds you could expect to lose from diet and exercise alone.

You should not take Alli if you are: a healthy weight, taking cyclosporine, have had an organ transplant or have problems already absorbing food.

Orlistat decreases the absorption of certain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D and E.  So you should be taking a vitamin supplement daily.

Alli should be used in conjunction with a low-calorie, low-fat diet and regular exercise.

Consult your physician before starting any weight loss program or taking any weight loss pill such as Alli.

Appetite Control and Wellness Products

June 14th, 2010

Herbalife has a number of effective products.

For many of us controlling our hunger and reducing our appetite can be a real challenge.

Herbalife’s appetite control products are designed to help control your appetite, manage your sweet tooth and reduce the urge to snack after meals or late at night. 

Total Control in combination with Snack Defense which will help reduce your appetite and snacking urges naturally so you will lose weight.

Total Control helps boost weight loss and improves metabolism with a blend of green tea, yerba maté, cacao and 11 other powerful herbs.

Total Control is ephedra-free and citrus aurantium-free.  Total Control does contain caffeine.

Caffeine is always going to be a concern for some people. That is why you need to look at weight loss products that can counteract the nervousness and restless feelings that are often associated with caffeine. 

Supplements that contain caffeine can cause some irritability and disrupt sleep, so don’t take this product at night.

Snacking, Sleep and Wellness Products

May 14th, 2010

One of the first places to start with wellness is with sleep and diet.

Snack Defense is an Herbalife supplement which will help reduce your appetite and snacking urges naturally so you will lose weight.  It helps you manage your sweet tooth.  It can lower carbohydrate absorption.

Snack Defense contains the herb Gymnema  which helps decrease the absorption rate of glucose in the body.  Chromium is a cofactor that helps insulin perform its function, by allowing better cell-absorption of glucose. Gymnema and chromium help your body handle sugar from your meals.

Snack Defense is caffeine free.  You can take it any time of the day.  Since many of us have cravings at night you can take Snack Defense in the evening to curb those night cravings.