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Congratulations for taking the first step.  

What does it mean to be physically healthy?

What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

If you are looking for answers to these questions
you have come to the right place.

In fact, you are particularly insightful if you realize that being physically
healthy and mentally healthy are related.  When you combine healthy
ways to get physically healthy and mentally healthy you’re taking a
holistic approach and this is an important link with wellness.

This free screening and health wellness assessment can help you
discover the most healthy way to get and stay physically healthy and
mentally healthy.

Whether you are beginning a health wellness program, or have had
trouble sticking to a health wellness program, this free assessment can
help you.

Most people know that they want to get or stay healthy.  
Usually they have trouble in three areas:

Getting the reliable knowledge necessary to start a
health wellness program

Trouble sticking with a particular health and wellness program
may have already started.

Help in knowing the most healthy way to do a
health wellness program.
Our Online Assessment Screener
Helps You Discover
The Most Healthy Way to
Get and Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy
The Healthy Way Screener
This free  screening assessment can help you with:

True Illness Prevention With a Holistic Approach and Wellness
Easily Stick to a Health Wellness Program
Diets To Help Lose Weight The Healthy Way
Healthy Ways Of Managing Stress
Ways To Stay Healthy At Work Express Feelings
Demonstrate Healthy Ways To Express Feelings
Ways To Keep Heart Healthy
The Most Healthy Ways To Cook and Eat
Simple and Easy Way to Live a Healthy Life
Healthy Way To Improve Cholesterol and other Health Concerns
Please answer the following questions
as they relate to you recently (within the past few weeks or months)
1. Age in Years
2. Weight in Pounds
3. Height
4. Gender
5. My work or work place is usually noisy
6. I do not usually get enough restful sleep
7. I have some pain, stiffness, or discomfort   
most days
8. I do not exercise regularly
9. I wish I had more energy
10. Most things in my life are beyond my
11. I do not usually like my current employment
or work situation or job
12. How many family members are you the
primary care giver for (including spouse,
children or parents)
13. The beverage I drink most at meals and
throughout the day is usually
Check any of the supplements you take on a regular basis
(at least
four (4) times a week)
Fish Oil
Check any of the foods you take on a regular basis
(at least
four (4) times a week)
Wheat Bread
Check any of the foods you take on a regular basis
(at least
two (2) times a week)
Dr. Lindsay
Dr. Parchment
Their Health Education Staff
Help You Follow the Healthy Way
Finally find the formula that will
ensure your health wellness

Get and Stay
Mentally & Physically Healthy
Free Online Assessment Screener